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I think the time you have in Grad school is prefect for trying different things. In this piece i thought i would try my hand at abstraction. Stay tune for more images as i move through this process.

OMG, Grad School!

Well, its been weeks, no months since i last posted any thing to my blog. I'm now living in Syracuse NY attending Grad school. I enjoy having all this time to work on my art, speaking of 'the work' it has change somewhat. I am still talking about race and gender, but now the work is more in your face and has some attitude. I think people take for granted the time they have in grad school to really push their work. I will not lose this moment to excel. Here is where the boundaries should be blurred and you should plow through and see what come out the other end. I have taken this advice and i am moving forward with my practice. I just wrote this quote on the wall of my studio...
I am only one, but i am one. I cannot do everything, but i can do something. And I will not let what i cannot do interfere with what i can do.

old work

It's a little nerve racking anytime you have to start new work, but i find it very difficult to go back to a old style of doing work. I think the best thing about being a artists is the ability to see all work as beautiful and valid. I'm doing a special project using my old style of painting, it's daunting because i haven't worked in this style for several years. My drawing needs work ... let's hope the underpainting can fix any other problems.

my space

Miráme: 21st century portraits for Latino/a America

This exhibit opens on friday May 20th at La Raza Galeria Posada in Sacramento CA.

Untitled-Inaccessible Me #1 Untitled-Inaccessible Me #2

one more

New Drawings

Opening In Dallas

Resistance Begins at Home: Rethinking Otherness

Works by Austin artist Deborah Roberts.
These images serve as a conduit through which a dialogue between the idea of inclusion, consumption and subjectivity is established. Roberts sees this as crucial to understanding gender in relationship to otherness