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Winter Studio Update

Fall/Winter Studio Update 2016
Greetings Friends & Colleagues,
Happy holidays! I wish you well as 2016 comes to a close. I want to share what’s new, upcoming events, and recent developments and directions in my studio practice.  Notably, I’ve been working on severalsmall art journals this winter as a way to unwind. Sometimes, in the middle of trying to create work that speaks to social, cultural, and political issues, I need to take a break from big issues and just paint. For me, stepping away helps the work relax and allows new pathways to take form. Have a look,
If you’re not already aware, I filled the early fall season with several shows and an exhibition that I self-curated. I am glad to share with you some news coverage and photos related to a couple events. Thank you to everyone who attended and also to those who showed their support in spirit. Below are links and images:
·Contemporary Art Exhibit Probes African American Identity,” The Austin Statesman (http://www.mystatesman.c…