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It maybe fun, but it's still hard work.

While this summer will be busy full of frustrations, art making and studio catastrophes, I thought I would kick off my art summer art practice with a free children's art workshop for the aabf. I was surprise to find out that the prep work is just as intense as cutting, collaging and painting my own collage work. The kids enjoyed the workshop and so did the parents.  great job!

Feeding the beast!

I really don't get to travel that much, so when I go I definitely try to absorb as much as possible. I meet as many artists and curators as I can, visit as many galleries and museums as I can afford to see. Because, it's important, as artist we need to feed the beast, the machine that fuels and generates the work we produce. Normally, after these types of trips I want to remember everything and forget nothing. It never truly last, but I can see it later in my work ... the lengthening of ideas.
Every time I write one of these blog post I am reminded of just how important it is to broaden your practice. Residences, art lectures, openings, art conversations and artists retreats are key! If you think that it's just about the physical act of creating then you are missing out on some vital components of your practice.
I met with an amazing curator while in New York who talked about how to function in the art world and not get caught up in the minutia that surrounds it, to know w…