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The hand!

Like most artist, I have created a large amount of paintings and drawings in almost every medium and surface out there. Now that my work has transition into multilayered collages on paper lately, I have been asked, why don't I see more of your hand in the work? Really, because my hand is in the work, it's in it every time I cut out an images, apply medium or spend hours on research trying to make these assemblages flow together seamlessly. You may not see lots of painted faces and bodies, but that's coming. At this point in my practice growth, development, environment and research are at the top of my list.
Figuring out what's next for an artist is hard for anyone to predict and as much as I bitch and moan about my work I can see the bigger picture. I know that all work[especially mine] requires depth, time and rigor so believe me "my hand" has always been apart of the new work. Check out Jerry's 2013 rant about painting!…