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What's the value of your art?

I think every artists feels this way, at some point in their career,  what's the value of my work and how do I price it?  If these questions aren't not bad enough this one is even harder, pricing someone else's artwork. So, please stop asking me because I don't know what to tell you about pricing... well I do, but who wants to be the one that burst another person's bubble. Some artists invite curators over and asked them, others just wing it. This leads to overpricing or under pricing the work. I have witness artists selling things one week for one price and the next for another. This is a bad practice! Personally, I tried to be fair with my prices, I've always wanted to get my work out to as many people as possible hence my low prices. It helped me be able to maintain a great client list for a long time and when it was time to raise the prices (actually my dealer did) I was okay with it.  I put in the time both with my status as a practicing artist and my exh…

Can you speak "ArtSpeak"?

If you don't know how to talk "artspeak" then you are not alone. It's like learning a foreign language, first you learn a few simple phases, then complete sentences and your off adding your voice to the chatter!  I'm not fluent, i know just enough to get my point across. One must ask, Is it important for artist to know how to speak "artspeak"? I have always championed the notion that artists need to be able to write and talk about their work, because it's apart of the learning process to becoming a good artist. Do we have to walk around trying to sound pompous or over-educated? At what point does the "actual" art matters? Just in case you want to sound smarter there's help in Robert Atkins' book, "ArtSpeak" and ARTNEWS recently posted this great article on 146 buzz words to help you speak, artspeak properly.