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You have to have some doubts.

Preparing for a show is always full of stress and doubt. There's always a bit of uncertainty that surrounds the process. Packing and unpacking, hanging and labeling or should talk or just stand here. Will the work be accepted or will anyone even show up!
Being an artist is more than the act of creating, that's why its called "Artwork"!  Last night, my solo show open in San Antonio and while it was greeted with cheer and smiles I can't wait to see and hear what people have to say or write about the new work. I took a lot of chances ... even though that's what I'm supposed to do with my work.  Now, that cynical monster (doubt) is in my studio. I'll kick his ass out later, but for today he's my sparring partner.

Recently, I read an article where Jerry Saltz gave students ten tips on what it takes to live as an artist. Check it out the link below, he has some great advice.…