Friday, July 28, 2017

Why documenting your work is so important

Ok, so I've been away for a sometime now, but I'm back with some nuggets from my months away. One of the things I'm finding hard lately is documenting my work before it goes into the art world never to be seen or heard from again. Hiring a professional photographer is great, but if you can't afford one simply taking a iPhone photo may have to work. Your work is an investment and it's something you must take seriously, because if you don't it shows. I can't tell you how many time I have sent jpegs out with chopped hair, feet and arms, looking back it's embarrassing. Remember, everything you do as an artist is an investment in yourself and your practice. Lots of galleries and dealers show clients work from images from computers, email, laptops and other devices at fairs, special events and sometimes right there in their space. It shows that you care about how your work is presented and that you are a professional ready for the next level clients. Image quality and good documenting is key! Here's why...
Yesterday, I sat down with a curator from my past and we talked about a piece I did back in 2003. We both had different ideas of what the title was and why I painted it the way I did. I found out trying to convince someone of something like that is futile (side eye). She had her own idea even though it contradicted mine... whew a few intense moments. We finally let the matter drop, but WTF,  I'm the artist ... of course I know what the work is about, but I wish I had done a better job photographing and documenting my early works on canvas.
I haven't aways done things right, but nothing leaves my studio now without smiling for the camera.

Hey guys, everything I write about is from my own experience as an artist, I'm not speaking for anyone just offering up my thoughts and experiences. Thank you, I have hit a miles stone of over 10,100 views


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