Sunday, March 26, 2017

Anatomy of an Idea

I started working on some new work and was rethinking my process, is it easier for me to plan out my collages or just construct them based on what I'm thing about "politically or socially" at any given moment? I know this is a "first world" problem (sigh) but I think it's something I should give more thought to. Structure, structure and more structure...
After Grad school, reading theory and socially relevant books took a back seat to adventure novels and streaming stuff on Netflix. I'm wondering if it may be time to crack open those books again.
Creating a bunch of series is what I tend to do in my work, (my current one is called " A funky dish of Chitterlings, ok!) because it helps me to flush out an ideas and it helps the work make sense.

After my trip to the Volta Art fair  I now have a clean slate to think about how I make art. It may just be me, but I always find it helpful to think about how i process ideas and how can that process generate a creative zone for me to work in. I like sharing works in progress, it allows me to see how people are interacting with the work. I don't think my methods are any different from other artists working out there. It's easy to fall "so in love" with the work that you don't see major problems when they appear. I find talking to others artists, former teachers, art historians and the mailman helps.
Conversations can trigger amazing insights and helps unify a vision. Good work is not created in a vacuum, it can be incomplete without some feedback. I cold call people all the time, I figure "they can only say no"or "I'm calling the police if you don't stop calling me!" Never happened by the way (side eye) Having someone with a critical eye looking at your work is so important I can't stress this enough. It forced me to shut up and listen, take what is useful from those visits and discard the rest. My ideas come from shared experiences, just like most people out there. Putting your work and your ideas out into the world is not easy, but it's necessary if you want to play in the game.

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